Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blog #2 - Project proposal

So, I had to do some more brainstorming about my project but I think I’ve come up with some more specific ideas. My goal for this project is to I'm thinking that I would like to focus on creating a forum where I can post questions and people can share their experiences linked to race and ethnicity. I am hoping that with this I would be able to gather what's going on out there regarding this topic. I would like to also link a blog or webpage to it where I can share my own experiences as a Latin American. Sharing my experiences as a Latina that came to this country when she was 9-years-old would hopefully open doors to the public to share their own experiences. I haven't really experience straight forward discrimination but I've seen particular cases where people have discriminated. I work as a Human Resource Specialist and discrimination and diversity are topic that we deal with on a daily basis. I would like to incorporate experiences and stories I've seen and lived at my workplace (keeping it anonymous, of course. I would have too). 

Create a forum where I can post race and ethnicity question where people can share their experiences/stories regarding this topic. Create a blog/website that I can link to this forum and share my own experiences along with stories I’ve heard and seen from others. Perhaps include stories/interviews from people I know regarding this topic. Linking the forum and website/blog to perhaps my twitter account to bring people’s attention. With this I’ll hopefully find similarities among our differences. 

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